Training Programs

training How to Build Rapport and Communicate Effectively

Training Programs

Attendees will learn the four Social Styles – A.C.E.S. – Analytical, Commander, Expressive, and Stabilizer.  Participants will also learn how to read these styles in others by effectively observing and listening. Finally, attendees will learn how to adjust their presentation style to best deliver their information.

training How to Have More Influence

This program explores the implications of our actions and our words on our ability to influence people.  Attendees will also learn how to use the six main “Deep-seated Action Reflex Trigger Strategies” (D.A.R.T.S.) to better persuade people to take action.

training Conflict Resolution and Dealing with Difficult People

Attendees will learn the art of conflict resolution and dealing with difficult people to improve team productivity and harmony in the workplace.  We’ll cover the eight causes of conflict and discuss how to avoid and/or minimize them.  In addition, participants will learn strategies for de-escalating a conflict.

training Effective Public Speaking

Attendees will learn how to craft and deliver an impactful, memorable speech.

training Achieving High Personal Productivity

Attendees will learn the real secrets to achieving consistently high productivity.  Participants will learn practical “Reserve Management” strategies to achieve extraordinary productivity.  By applying these techniques, in addition to effective time management, attendees will literally boost productivity by as much as 50%.

training How to Inspire and Motivate

Attendees will learn how to inspire and motivate others.  We’ll discuss what inspiration accomplishes and how to become more inspiring.  Participants will also learn how to determine what will motivate someone to take action, along with strategies to implement.

training How to Enhance Executive Presence

Attendees will learn how to enhance their executive presence.  Discussion includes observations about clothing, poise, environment, energy, productivity, personality, and interpersonal skills.