April 23, 2014

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Michael Beck


Executive Development expert Michael Beck helps leaders at all levels command a stronger executive presence, project a more dynamic personality and enhance their leadership effectiveness.

Bringing over 30 years of business and leadership experience to his audiences, Michael’s programs inspire, motivate and impact how we do what we do.

Michael’s style is entertaining and motivating, using stories, humor and fresh perspectives to deliver his message.

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  “Churning Out Without Burning Out” – How to Get More Done in Less Time


It’s absolutely critical for leaders to be highly productive. Being highly productive sets a great example, establishes expectations, and best of all, allows us to accomplish more!

There’s something that highly productive people know that others don’t understand. The biggest secret to high productivity has nothing to do with time management and everything to do with “energy” management. After learning these productivity secrets, your audience will get more done (about 50% more), experience less stress, and stay productive throughout the day (no more mid-afternoon crashes)!  Your audience will come away with:

• The four primary reserves: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Inspirational

• The 5 keys to increasing those reserves: Nutrition, Oxygen, Sleep, Attitude, and Stress Management

• Four practical, easy-to-follow strategies to stay highly productive

This program is ideal for all audiences wanting to improve performance and productivity – everyone from the front line to the executive suite.

  “It’s Who You Are!” – Enhancing Your Executive Presence


A strong executive presence is critical to a leader’s effectiveness. It can be the difference between just being average and achieving exceptional results. It can be the difference between getting an important promotion or being passed over.

When we improves our executive presence, we command greater respect, create a stronger impression, and maximize the impact of our words and actions. In this program, we’ll discuss how executive presence is impacted by clothing, poise, environment, productivity, personality, and interpersonal skills.

This program is essential for managers, new executives and anyone wanting to improve their leadership effectiveness and their chances of advancement.

  Inspire and Motivate to Get the Results You Want


This program will show your audience how to inspire others to dream bigger and overcome challenges. They’ll learn why they can’t “motivate” people and should instead appeal to their “self-motivation”. They’ll hear what it takes to be inspiring to others and come away with practical steps to become more inspiring.

In this program, your audience will learn:

• How to inspire others by having, communicating and acting upon their vision, passion, purpose, or philosophy

• Practical steps to become more inspiring

• How to get someone motivated from within

• Strategies for sparking internal motivation

• How to get a team motivated and inspired

This program is suited to leaders and executives at all levels. It will help improve leadership effectiveness and team productivity.