How the Other Half Leads

I suspect the title of this article piqued your curiosity about what insights might be revealed. But then, no doubt, the curiosity gave way to another question. Somewhere in the back of your mind you’ve wondered: “Which half is he talking about, the ‘strong’ half or the ‘weak’ half?” And then, after a moment of […]

3 Remarkable Insights from the Inc. 500 CEO Survey

The recent Inc. 500 CEO Survey revealed some fascinating results about how companies grow.  Three insights especially stood out from the rest and each is somewhat counter-intuitive. The first insight pertains to where these fast-growing companies’ revenues come from.  The stereotype of a high-growth, early stage company is that of an inspired entrepreneur with an […]

Executive Effectiveness: Stop Setting Goals

Over the years, I’ve seen this scenario over and over.  An executive decides they want a real boost in growth and profits, so they set a big goal for their organization.  Or, if they’re really ambitious, they develop a “BHAG” (a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal). Then they rally the troops, announce their big goal with […]

Leadership Effectiveness: Does the Greater Good Outweigh Loyalty?

I had an interesting discussion with a client the other day.  It had to do with an executive on his team whose performance was lackluster and his behavior unacceptable.  The executive had been given ample opportunity to change his leadership style and had chosen not to change.  The conversation would have been fairly routine, except […]

Does Success Change You?

Imagine this scenario…  You spend years working hard to succeed.  During these years, you have some success, mixed with lots of frustrations, but you never really reach the level of success you dream of.  And then something shifts.  Everything begins to work, and your fame and fortune take off. Here’s the question: Does success change […]

The Essence of Exceptional Leadership

Scores of books have been written on the subject of leadership, and some great insight and advice has been imparted. But most of those books avoid answering one critical question… We all know that better leadership is important and makes a difference, but most books and people I know – leaders included – can’t really […]

The Art of Persuasion

I recently had an interesting coaching discussion with a client, strategizing about how to begin changing the culture within her organization.  She’s bright, well-educated, and very experienced in her field.  As you can imagine, our conversation was interesting and productive. Like many senior executives, she truly wants to succeed.  She wants to shift the culture […]

The Most Valuable Person to a CEO

Whether your title is CEO or President, it’s crucial to understand who the most important person is to your success.  I’m not talking about some self-serving answer like, “your executive coach”.  No,… the person I’m referring to is within your organization. You’ve reached the top executive spot in your organization because (among other things) you’re […]

Does Attitude Really Count?

We’ve all heard the sayings about attitude.  Things like: “Your attitude determines your altitude”, “Attitude is everything”, and “The only thing you can control is your attitude”.  Let’s face it.  No one is against having a positive attitude.  It’s kind of like mom and apple pie.  There’s nothing to be against. But attitude has an […]

Employee Engagement Can’t Be Sustained

Engagement can’t be sustained – at least not the way many (if not most) people imagine it. Let me explain… Many people have the mistaken impression that an engaged employee: Is always enthusiastic about their work Always enjoys their work Regularly feels challenged by their work Feels a sense of commitment to their work, and […]