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Best in People

3 Keys for Bringing Out the Best in People

Bringing out the best in people is the essence of effective leadership.  Although there are many important competencies required for effective leadership, there are three […]

Office Door

Should Companies Make it Easy to Stay or Easy to Leave?

I just read an interesting article in the New York Times about a new challenge that many companies are now facing with respect to millennials […]


5 Ways Corporations Can (and Should) Act Like a Startup

Established companies differ from startups in many ways.  Established businesses tend to be large and slow-moving.  Startups are small and agile.  Established businesses are structured, […]


Should Succession Candidates Be Internal or External?

I read an interesting survey recently conducted by Software Advice.  The survey reviewed the impact that having a succession plan has on employee engagement.  They […]


How the Other Half Leads

I suspect the title of this article piqued your curiosity about what insights might be revealed. But then, no doubt, the curiosity gave way to […]